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– Are you having trouble sleeping at night or napping during the day?
– Tired of uncomfortable sleeping masks with hard edges?
– You want to get rid of puffy eyes and ease your mind?
– Do you want to sleep while your partner watches TV?


Introducing The Best Sleeping Mask and Moldex Ear Plugs Specially Designed For You!

– Sofysticat Sleeping Mask is Designed to be 3D with Memory Foam Material, Contoured with Nose Ridge, Breathable & Comfortable
– The Eye Shades fit your face perfectly and have Adjustable Straps
– Designer Sleep Mask/Soft & Cute Eye Cover, completely Blocks Out Light and Won’t Put Pressure on Your Eyes
– It’s a Blindfold Face Mask Easy to wash by hand
– Perfect to use for Yoga Meditation, Napping during day time, Traveling, Shift Work
– Includes FREE Ear Plugs for a Better Sleep, Hearing Protection and Sound Muffling
– Includes FREE Carry Pouch
– The Best Therapeutic Sleeping Mask that helps you with Migraines, Insomnia, Stress, Puffy Eyes

sofysticat****Wash gently by hand/The colour of the ear plugs is random****

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